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Natural Wonders

2012-03-03 22:07:00
Miette Hot Springs
The steam, the warmth, the soothing mineral-rich waters hidden within the beautiful Fiddle Valley attracts people from all over the world. The Miette Hot springs are the hottest mineral springs in the Rockies. Flowing from the mountain at 54ºC, the water is cooled to a comfortable temperature of 40ºC as it enters the pools. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The Miette Hot Springs are just a short drive away from The Overlander Mountain Lodge through beautiful mountain scenery and often you can spot a black bear on this road!
Brule Lake Sand Dunes
Just a 30-minute walk from the Overlander Mountain Lodge we have a sand-dune ecosystem: Air, earth, water and living organisms have waged a battle on the shores of Brule Lake for over 8000 years. Here the only sand dunes have been formed and constantly reformed by wind since the end of the last ice age. In the 1900's the Grand Trunk Pacific railway ran across these desert-like dunes helping to connect the Rockies to Edmonton. Although drifting sand over the tracks caused this section of the railway to be shut down, remains of some of the tracks are still visible today. So take a walk to the dunes and spend a whole day relaxing and taking in the scenery. Please be careful of motorized vehicles since quading is one of the favorite activities to do on the sand dunes. Unfortunately condo bylaws prevent us from having any motor vehicles on the property from guests.
Jasper Lake
Jasper Lake Sand Dunes
Punch Bowl Falls: Along the Miette Hot springs road a mountain creek tumbles over a cliff face creating a narrow crevice in the stone. The steepness and irregularities of the cliff face all contribute to the unusual shape of these falls. The water falls through a constricted area and descends down into a pool of water; the water "punches' through and falls into a "bowl".
Snake Indian Falls: Snake Indian Falls is a thundering waterfall that plunges 100 m (328 ft) over a limestone cliff and into the river below. Because the falls are difficult to get to, the area is often quiet and free of any crowds.
  Jasper National Park has beautiful falls such as:

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