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Mountain Biking in Jasper

2012-05-15 23:18:00
Best Single track in Canada? Jasper National Park is one of the largest parks in Canada. This mountain playground offers many activities for those who like to live on the wild side through the outdoors. The activities in Jasper range from the mild to the extreme, and fun is had by all. The long summer days allow for more time to explore and experience all that is available.
With miles and miles of trails(free of motorized vehicles) I can tell you first hand that Jasper has some of the best single track mountain biking in North America. Growing up here I've spent many hours exploring all the different trails and still am amazed by the beauty, scenery and quality of the trails. Jasper Park has trails suited for all levels from beginner to advanced. Some of the area highlights are.
The Valley of the Five Lakes - breathtaking views, green and blue mountain lakes, technical difficulty, hills to get the heart pumping and downhills to do the same. For the more experienced rider this trail is one of Canada's best and a must do . You can do it as loop starting at Old Fort Point and with some variations or head out then back on the highway after the 5 lakes - more info
Overlander Trail - Just like our Lodge, named after the Overlanders, this trail winds through the east Jasper park and is quite varied in terrain if you do the whole thing. The first half from 6th bridge starting in Jasper is very flat and mellow and winds in and out of the trees and by the river as you make your way to a historic landmark - Moberly's Cabin.  Some people turn around here and head back while others (more advanced) push on for steeper and harder terrain. Coming from the other direction ( Hwy 16 20 Km South of Jasper at Morrow Slabs) you get to climb the infamous KING HILL! - more info
Big Horn Alley - Great for seeing some of the beautiful Sheep this mellow trail weaves along the railroad from Jasper Townsite and past the Graveyard where you meet the highway and can continue to more trails or Lake Annette and  Lake Edith. - more info on in the downloadable guide below.
These are just a small sample of what Jasper has to offer mountain bikers. For more information you can download this awesome guide from Parks Canada here - highly recommended
Also visit local mountain biker (since the beginning!) and trail master Manabu at Vicious Cycle  with locations in Jasper and Hinton.  They offer daily rentals and carry awesome brands like Santa Cruz.

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