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5 Essential Items to Bring While Hiking

2012-06-18 17:43:00
When you head out to hike Jasper National Park in Canada, there are a few essential items you need to take on your trip. Your laid-back day of fun is not complete without these items because you might find yourself in a bit of trouble without them.
1. Hiking Boots
The most essential item that you need to take on your trip is a pair of broken in hiking boots. Do not buy a pair of new boots and then expect to use them on a day hike without breaking them in first. You want to acclimate your foot to the boot for the most comfort possible. Pay attention to the sensations in your feet and expect to hike about 50 miles before you break in your boots.  Questions to ask yourself include how much did your feet sweat? Were there any spots where your foot rubbed against the boot? Could you feel the arch? How did the traction feel?
Jasper National Park  offers you lots of opportunity for discovery and adventure. It was established in 1907 and is one of Canada's largest and oldest national parks. As you traverse the 1000 KM of trails, you want to make sure you are thoroughly prepared for your adventure. This includes more than just a pair of hiking boots.
2. Water Bottle
Never leave home for a hiking trip without an adequate supply of water, as it is vital for survival. Hiking boots and water are pretty much on the same level of importance. You can take several water bottles or some version of a CamelBak, a water pack that you can wear like a backpack with hydration tube for easy use.
3. Walking Stick
A hiking pole or walking stick is also quite handy to help you with balancing. You can purchase walking sticks premade or search for a suitable stick from fallen branches. They are extremely useful when you are walking through steams or around rocks. Walking sticks are also quite popular with people who suffer from knee or leg injuries and still want to enjoy the great outdoors.
4. Day Pack
A daypack includes lots of goodies, such as insect repellent, first aid kit and a flashlight with extra batteries. You never know when you might get stuck out after dark, especially when you are traveling in unfamiliar territory. You can get off track even with the best intentions as you take in Jasper National Park's natural vistas. The best thing about a daypack is that is also holds your map and compass, just in case you get lost.
5. Sun Hat
The sun can be brutal, which is why a sun hat is your next best friend as you hike Jasper National Park. You do not want to get the sun in your eyes as you delicately make your way up Mount Edit Cavell.

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