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Miette Hot Springs - Relaxing since the 1800's

2012-08-24 22:48:00
Miette Hotsprings: a Historic Mountain Escape
Miette Hotsprings has been delighting bathers for over a century just 60 kilometres from downtown Jasper and 20 minutes from the Overlander Lodge . It's convenient location, fantastic vistas, and energizing waters make it a great day trip tailor-made for cleansing and relaxation. The facility has two hot pools and one cold pool, all surrounded by lounge chairs so that guests can put their feet up between bathing sessions. Experienced bathers recommended a specific bathing technique: a pattern of long soaks in the hot pool followed by a quick dip into the cold pool. The invigorating experience has made it a favorite destination for visitors to the Jasper area since before the town of Jasper even existed.[1]
Miette Hotsprings Key Historical Dates
1800s - The First Nations community of Pocahontas showed members of the Hudson's Bay and North West fur trading companies the series of three hot springs on Sulphur Creek.[2]
1913 - Visitors to the springs constructed the first bathhouse and sleeping shelter.[2]
1919 - The community of Pocahontas and a group of striking coal miners make further additions to the hotsprings: another bathhouse and two sweat houses.[2]
1934 - In a four year long depression-era unemployment relief project, the first proper road and a permanent "aqua court" are built at the hotsprings site. Construction is completed in 1938.[2]
1986 - A new facility is constructed a kilometer away from the original building. While the old building is not in use, visitors can still hike up the valley to visit the source of the hot springs.[2]
Miette Hotsprings Features & Procedures
These hot springs offer the hottest water in the Canadian Rockies: the water actually has to be cooled from 54°C to 40°C before it enters the swimming pool. While the hotsprings are soothing and meant to be enjoyed, there are a few protective procedures that visitors should follow. When visiting Miette Hotsprings, be sure to bring waterproof shoes or flip-flops, as the Parks Canada staff requires visitors to remove their shoes before entering the main building. It prevents animal droppings from contaminating the pool and facilities. Visitors will also be asked to shower.[3] There are coin-operated coin-operated lockers available for storage in the changing rooms and plenty of space for lounging by the pools. Visitors can soak in the invigorating water and the stunning panoramas visible from the facility. The scenic drive through Fiddle Valley also allows guests to marvel in the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies.[3] The Miette Hotsprings is an experience in enjoyment and relaxation not to be missed by any visitors to the Jasper area.
The Overlander Mountain Lodge is an ideal spot to base yourself while visiting the Hot Springs and the surrounding area.  The Overlander offers a unique mountain log lodge experience, with award winning gourmet dining, friendly and attentive service, and comfortable and relaxing accommodation. We also have Jasper Park's only vacation home rentals to accommodate larger groups and families.
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