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Top 6 Mountains to Hike In Jasper

2013-06-18 15:48:00
Jasper is renowned for its spectacular mountain scenery and world-class hiking. Every year, thousands come visit the internationally protected, pristine wilderness that surrounds the town. The top 6 mountains to hike in Jasper will take you to UNESCO World Heritage sites, the highest peaks in the region, and some of the most majestic views in the world. The particularly popular mountains to hike in Jasper include:
1. Mount Robson
The highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, Mt. Robson is the crown of the Rocky Mountains World Heritage Site and the home of an ecosystem that has been internationally recognized as valuable to the humanity's history. Hikes up this peak take visitors to gorgeous Berg Lake and the headwaters of the Fraser River. These hikes are challenging, but not as challenging as ascending the mountain itself -- a 3,954 m peak. Access to the mountain and surrounding areas is west of Edmonton on Highway 16.
2. Mount Edith Cavell
Hiking to the summit of Mt. Edith Clavell is a popular mountain to hike in Jasper, but it is by no means easy -- most hikers use crampons, helmets, and poles. Reaching the summit can take more than seventeen hours, and many hikers start in the earliest hours of the morning and hike the whole day. The rewards for one of the longest and most strenuous hikes in the Jasper area are breathtaking views of the valley and Cavell pond. This mountain is named for Edith Cavell, an English nurse during WWII who was in Belgium after the occupation treating German troops. She was involved in an underground group that helped around 200 Allied troops escape to Holland to region the army. She was betrayed by a spy and executed for treason.
3. The Whistlers
Hikers will appreciate a tram ride down from the peak after a steep hike up 1200 meters of elevation and through forest, subalpine, and alpine terrain. It's best to attempt this trail during the summer, as winter snow and spring mud can make the trail hazardous. Hikers who have reached the summit and wish to purchase a ticket down on the Whistler Mt. tram will only be charged for the price of a ticket down, but hikers who wish to ascend by tram and hike down will need to pay for a round-trip ticket. To reach the Whistlers trail, head south from Jasper on the Icefields Parkway and turn right on Whistler's Road.
4. Opal HillsBefore heading out from Jasper to hike the Opal Hills, be sure to inquire about closures due to grizzly sightings. Even if there are no closures, be sure to pack bear spray to protect yourself, just in case. The trailhead is in the left corner of the upper parking lot off Maligne Lake Rd. Hikers ascend a steep incline above the tree line until the path eases out closer to the valley. In total, the hike is about four to five hours and very rigorous. Although the view of Malign Lake is beautiful all year, the flowers bloom in particular abundance in late June.
5. Roche Bonhomme
Also called Old Man Mountain, this hike near Jasper takes almost a full day to complete. Hikers climb beyond the tree line for awe-inspiring views of forests, rivers, and the surrounding mountain range. Roche Bonhomme is located south east from the Maligne Canyon Hostel.
If hiking is central to your visit to Jasper and the Overlander, be sure to inquire with our front desk staff about which mountains to hike in Jasper. Let us know what type of hike you're looking for and we'll make recommendations based on the type of wilderness adventure you have in mind.
6. Pocohontas
When staying at the Overlander you will see this breathtaking mountain peak from right the dining room and main lodge. It may look impossible to climb up but many people do it each year. Most of the hike is failry moderate but you do get to a section near the top that would be classified as scrambiling. Also depending on which way you go you may encounter a a little chimney to climb which ropes will help. As always it is best to seek the advice of experienced climbers when approaching an new route. This hike is best done early in the day as well to avoid any falling rocks from climbers ahead of you. The hike will be well worth it though once you are standing on top of the peak and looking out over all of Jasper National Park
If hiking is central to your visit to Jasper and the Overlander, be sure to inquire with our front desk staff and we can assist you in finding more information.

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